Requisition Number: PA095-REGNU-H-07-2020-02
Job Title: Registered Nurse
City: Philadelphia
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: B - 2 Year Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 2
Salary Range: $38.46/hour

Registered Nurse

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Description/Job Summary

Under the authority of the Site Manager, the Registered Nurse assures that all medical and psychiatric operating procedures and regulations are followed.  The Nurse serves the Prevention Space Residence. Significant aspects of the Prevention Space Nurse work include assuring that consumers receive Nursing Assessments, that Physicians Orders and Medication Observation Sheets are reviewed, and that the doctor is assisted in his/her psychiatric evaluation.  The Nurse assists in the reviewing of clinical standards, program policies and performance of all participants in the program. This position is supervised by the Site Manager.

The Registered Nurse will be a person with an interest in and understanding of individuals with chronic illness, respiratory conditions, diabetes, mobility, and mental health behaviors, as well as experience working with this population. She or he will be a mature individual with sound judgment who represents an appropriate resource for residents. She or he shall be flexible enough to respond to crisis situations, work collaboratively as a team, and take responsibility when decisions have to be made. She or he must have the ability and experience to make independent decisions when consultation with Care Manager staff is not possible. She or he will have knowledge of current psychotropic medications and will monitor the ingestion of narcotic medications as well as complete medical and psychiatric assessments. She or he will be authorized to accept verbal orders from a physician and call in medications to pharmacies.  She or he will have knowledge of proper documentation and be able to input data into the appropriate database. 

This is a temporary, yet long-term position.

RHD reserves the right to amend this job description as needed without prior notice to the nurse.


  • Facilitate initial onsite assessment for each new resident.
  • Facilitate a formal medical and psychiatric assessments of each resident within 24 hours of   arrival. Refer any resident out to ER who appears to be in need of medical attention.
  • Facilitate wellness checks, in person daily for residents with vulnerable residents.
  • Facilitate timely and accurate completion of documentation and discuss with the resident’s Care Coordinator.
  • Facilitate the maintenance of a safe environment for residents and staff, both in the residential setting.
  • To visually inspect the on-site AED and confirm that it is working properly as per the AED policy and procedure.
  • Facilitate assistance with residents who are in need of medication or medication refills.
  • Facilitate a response to staff calls regarding medical and psychiatric questions and concerns as directed by the Site Manager.
  • Facilitate interaction in crisis duties as needed based on shift responsibilities.

Other Duties                                                                                                

  • Communicate days off or call outs to Site Manager in a timely manner to allow replacement for the shift.
  • Come prepared to attend and participate in mandatory team and staff meetings, etc.
  • Consistent use of Universal Precautions and social distance when engaging residents and other staff. This includes wearing of PPE during entire shift.
  • Maintain all HIPPA and confidentiality regulations set for the by the Federal, State, and Local Governing bodies, Resources for Human Development and Prevention Space.
  • Participate in a routine Fire Drill monthly as scheduled and or routine Disaster Drill as scheduled.

Required Experience

  • 2 or more years of nursing experience with 6 or more months being psychiatric nursing experience. 

Required Education

  • AS or BS in Nursing
  • Must be licensed as a registered nurse
  • Knowledge of the PA Mental Health Act and related regulations

Required Qualifications

  • Must meet or exceed qualifications for the established Mental Health Professional or Crisis Worker position as per Pennsylvania State Regulations Title 55 Public Welfare, Part VII Mental Health Manual, Subpart D. Nonresidential agencies/ Facilities/ Services, Chapter 5240 Crisis Intervention Services, Section 5240.31 Staff Requirements, most recent revised addition dated 09.15.2014 or the most recent dated update.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable means of transportation
  • Must provide a negative FBI fingerprint and criminal background clearance.

Program Summary

The City of Philadelphia has partnered with RHD to develop the COVID-19 Prevention Program, which is a non-congregate site for individuals who are at higher risk of COVID-19 according to the CDC and FEMA. The program is open to those who are 65 years old or older, or have a compromised immune system, or have an underlying respiratory condition, or have a chronic illness, and live in a congregate setting.  Individuals will be permitted to stay until the threat of infection has been minimized at their existing congregate site or until another residence is available. 
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