Requisition Number: PA094-MOBIL-H-07-2020-02
Job Title: Mobile Therapist
City: Philadelphia
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: N/A
Minimum Years of Experience: N/A
Salary Range: $30.00/hour to $34.00/hour

Mobile Therapist

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Description/Job Summary

Mobile therapy services consist of individual therapy and family therapy.

Full-time and part-time opportunities are available.


  • Design and Lead the implementation of individualized, group and ABA services
  • Develop and revise individualized treatment plans
  • Facilitate required evidence-based therapies and interventions as a part of the implementation of IBHS
  • Facilitate group therapy in the school and community
  • Conduct face-face assessment within 15 days of the initiation of services; review and update assessment every 12 months thereafter or as clinically indicated
  • Analyze behavioral data in order to monitor treatment outcomes and assess the participant’s progress at least every 90 days
  • Assist with crisis stabilization and with addressing problems the child, youth or young adult has encountered
  • Complete discharge summaries in accordance to IBHS regulations
  • Provide consultation for parents, teachers, and other members of the treatment team
  • Conduct weekly site visits in the home, school and community
  • Facilitate team meetings with all relevant team members and participate in SDP multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) meetings.
  • Provide clinical and administrative supervision to Behavior Health Technician services according to IBHS regulations
  • Utilize RHD’s Electronic Health Record, myAvatar, to complete clinical documentation including progress notes for every IBHS encounter
  • Maintain all participant documentation to be sent to funding agency for approval.
  • Attend weekly individual and group supervision as directed
  • Collaborate with School District and community partners in the implementation of IBHS
  • Participate in all mandatory and ongoing trainings as indicated by the Division and in compliance with IBHS and CBH regulations.

Working conditions

Special working conditions could cover a range of working outside of conventional 9am-5pm hours to include occasional on-call circumstances of evening and weekend work, working outdoors, working with challenging program participants, and so forth.

Physical requirements

Examples of physical requirements include standing or sitting for extended periods, occasional lifting of light objects (up to 20 pounds), do repetitive tasks with few breaks, requirements to bend, stoop, reach and so forth. The use of arm and/or leg control requires force greater than sedentary, but worker still sits majority of time.

Required Experience

  1. Licensed in this Commonwealth as a psychologist, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist or clinical social worker;
  2. Licensed in this Commonwealth as a social worker or a behavior specialistand;have a graduate degree that required a clinical or mental health direct service practicum from an approved college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education.
  3. Have graduate degree with at least nine credits specific to clinical practice inpsychology, social work or counseling from an approved college or university recognized by the United States Department of Educationand;have a minimum of 1 year of full-time experience in providing mental health direct services to children, youth or young adults
  4. Have a graduate degree with a least nine credits specific to clinical practice inpsychology, social work, education, counseling or a related field from an approved college or university recognized by the United States Department of Educationand; completed a clinical or mental health direct service practicum

Required Education

see required experience

Required Qualifications

see required experience

Program Summary

The RHD Intensive Behavioral Health Services Team (IBHS), a program of Resources for Human Development, Inc. support children, youth and young adults with mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs.  These services are offered in their homes, schools and communities. 
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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.