Requisition Number: PA088-THERA-H-09-2020-02
Job Title: Therapist
City: Midland
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: D - Graduate Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 1
Salary Range: $18.75 to $20.19 per hour


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Description/Job Summary

The Clinician provides therapeutic support to person’s in recovery (PIR) within the CORE program through individual and group sessions, treatment planning, support and advocacy of their recovery.


Essential Duties and Functions

Clinical Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitate individual sessions with assigned persons in recovery (PIRs) or as needed.
  2. Facilitate group therapy as assigned.
  3. Instruct educational seminars as assigned.
  4. Attend  Treatment Team/Recovery Plan Update meetings, and clinical supervision as scheduled.
  5. Provide crisis intervention.
  6. Complete aftercare planning with PIR and complete follow-up as required
  7. Facilitate Specialty groups as assigned.
  8. Facilitate Recovery Plan development with PIR and ensure that updates are completed as required.
  9. Facilitate WRAP planning and updates with PIR.
  10. Evaluate PIR’s progress and report to funders/referral sources as requested through utilization reviews.
  11. Prepare case presentation for assigned clients at Treatment Team/Recovery Plan Update meetings.
  12. Determine resources needed to meet the individualized needs identified in the assessment process and  assist with the coordination of community support activities.
  13. To take all necessary actions in assuring the implementation of Recovery Plans including serving as an advocate for the person in recovery to enable him to receive needed services;  identification of program needs, service gaps, and recommending strategies
  14. Ensure that all RHD, county, MCO, contractual and state regulations and expectations are met and that the program is prepared for review with limited notice
  15. Enter all required data into WITS and ensure accuracy and completeness.

Documentation Responsibilities:

  1. Complete all paperwork according to agency policies/procedures, County, State and MCO requirements and regulations.
  2. Document groups, education seminars, individual sessions, and any other significant contact with person in recovery daily
  3. Document Team Support Meetings (Case Consultations).
  4. Complete Discharge Summary within 5 days of PIR’s discharge
  5. Ensure Aftercare Plan is completed, a discharge planning meeting has been completed and aftercare appointments are set prior to the PIR’s discharge from services

Documentation Responsibilities cont.:

  1. Document aftercare follow-up and outreach as required and directed
  2. Document all outreach efforts
  3. Complete all other agency and licensing required documentation


Other Responsibilities:

  1. Attend staff meetings
  2. Provide escort support for PIRs on appointments as deemed therapeutically appropriate
  3. Responsible for on-call duties as assigned
  4. Attend training as required by RHD and licensing bodies
  5. As assigned by the Director(s) to insure continuity of care and foster a supportive nurturing environment for growth.

Required Experience

At least one year in a residential drug and alcohol setting preferred.

Required Education

Masters degree in Human Services preferred.

Required Qualifications

Masters degree preferred

Program Summary

Resources for Human Development's CORE program is a residential treatment facility providing detoxification, short and long term residential treatment services.
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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.