Requisition Number: PA084-RECOS-H-07-2019-01
Job Title: Psych Rehab worker
City: Glassport
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: A - High School/GED
Minimum Years of Experience: 1
Salary Range: 12.00-13.50

Psych Rehab worker

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Description/Job Summary

RHD Glassport is a Long-Term Structured Residence Program for men with mental health issues and a forensic history.  Psych rehab workers are direct care workers who assist prorgram residents with independent living skills.  PRW staff assist residents with cooking and cleaning, facilitate skill-building groups and document interactions in the electonic medical record.    PRW provide crisis intervention as needed to program residents.

FULL-TIME position available -

Tuesday - Saturday 3p-11p  OR  Saturday - Wednesday 3p-11p

PART-TIME amd PRN positions available:

Saturday & Sunday 3p-11p

Friday & Saturday 11p-7a

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7a-3p

Friday 12p-8p

Essential Duties and Functions

  1. Responsibilities: Daily Living Skills and Educational Training
    1. Person In Recovery (PIR) Chores/House Maintenance
      1. Support PIRs in maintaining the residence
      2. Support PIRs in maintaining their daily schedules
    2. Food and Household Goods
      1. Support, assist and monitor meal preparation
      2. Prepare meals and support implementation of Nutrition Program
      3. Monitor and assist at mealtime
      4. Utilize safe food practices
    3. Collaborate with PIRs to complete all daily living skill responsibilities
    4. Assist PIRs in conflict resolution
    5. Participate in Program milieu and therapeutic community activities
    6. Attend and/or facilitate educational groups and meetings as assigned
    7. Teach PIRs safe food preparation and storage
    8. Co-facilitate dailu psych rehab groups
    9. Actively support PIRs in facilitating socialization and recreation activities
  2. Document educational groups and any other significant PIR contact
  3. Participate in staff mtgs and supervision as assigned
  4. Complete daily shifr notes of assigned program residents
  5. Accompany PIRs to appointments and shopping as assigned
  6. Complete all paperwork as required by agency and licensing bodies
  7. Provide emergency coverage for next shift
  8. Attend training as required by RHD and licensing bodies
  9. As assigned by Director insure continuity of care
  10. Support and model the values of RHD and the effective implementation of the Recovery Oriented System of Care to staff and PIRs
Job Requirements/Minimum Qualifications
  1. High School diploma with a minimum of 1 year experience preferred
  2. Experience with Mental Health clients preferred
  3. Knowledge of or experience with residential mental health facilities serving clients with mental illness
  4. Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner preferred
  5. Experience with Criminal Justice population preferred
  6. Valid driver’s license preferred
  7. Criminal clearances required
  8. FBI clearance, as needed
  9. Pre-employment physical and bloodwork

Resources for Human Development, is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran or disability status.

Required Experience

Mental Health or forensic experience preferred.  Staff will be trained on the job

Required Education

HIgh School 

Required Qualifications

6 months experience preferred.

Program Summary

Residential LTSR for male clients with mental health and / or forensic history
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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.