Requisition Number: PA066-STSUP-H-03-2020-01
Job Title: Site Supervisor I
City: Philadelphia
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: A - High School/GED
Minimum Years of Experience: 3
Salary Range: $33,000-$37,000/year

Site Supervisor I

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Description/Job Summary

Direct Supervisor: Assistant Director

Directly Supervises: D:Site Supervisor REPORTS TO:Assistant Director

STATUS TITLE:Nonexempt    

JobDescription for Site Supervisor I

 Description / Job Summary

  Resources for Human Development-GenesisProgram is seeking to hire a front line Site

  Supervisor to provide oversight and directsupports for individuals with intellectual

  disabilities and behavioral challenges whoreside in a 6400 licensed community home. A

  commitment to the RHD values should bedemonstrated as job duties are performed.

  The supervisor is responsible for thesupervision of residential advisors, attending medical,

  dental and psychological appointments and forthe assessment, planning, implementation,

  monitoring and evaluation of daily livingskills, documenting and addressing all site needs,

  scheduling all activities, developing weeklymenus and coordinating transportation for those

  served. The supervisor conducts all programoperations in accordance with the principles of

  normalization, abiding by DPW 6400regulations and with sound ethical social work. It is

  expected that the supervisor will act inaccordance with the policies and procedures of

  Resources for Human Development (RHD).Accordingly, supervisor will be stationed at

  his/her respective sites functioning as asupport to both consumers and residential advisors

  and to ensure compliance with internal andexternal agency guidelines.

  A) Operational Responsibilities:

                   Responsiblefor the overall daily operation of the home.

                   Insuresthat all care and services to consumers are provided in accordance with

                       state and countyregulations.

                   Ensurethat all consumers are active in program activities and provide feedback to

                       Genesis Leadership team

                   Providedaily support and guidance in establishing direction and standard of care

                       as outlined in the DPW6400 regulatory guidelines.

                   Assistswith maintaining household budgets, including making purchases for both

                       the needs of theconsumer and household supplies and distributing funds for

                       social/recreationalactivities, monitor overtime hours, utilities, repairs and


                   Collectall receipts from staff and/or consumer after outings and/or purchase are


                   Ensurethat monthly fire drills are conducted on alternating shifts and

                       documentation is maintained.

                   Reportsall maintenance issues.

                   Maintainon-call status, which include but not limited to being available 24 hours

                       per day, seven days perweek by cell phone, notifying Assistant Director and/or

                       Director of any and allmajor incidents involving staff and/or residents and

                       insures requireddocumentation is completed.

                   Accompaniesconsumers and residential aides on medical and dental

                       appointments as deemednecessary.

                   Follow-upwith pharmacy regarding prescriptions updates.

Attendsall management team meetings, clinical consultation meetings and communicateall issues and/or concerns.

                   Prepareincident reports as needed.

  B) Administrative Responsibilities:

                   Ongoingreview of medication logs to ensure proper documentation and

                       administration ofmedications.

                   Assists Clinical/ Program Specialist inassessing the status of consumer’s     programming,

                       including goals,activities of daily living, and community base integration.

                   Reviewand sign residential advisors’ time sheets.

                   Maintainstaff schedules, including providing daily staffing, working two shifts

                       within the assessedratio for those served.

                   Insuresthat information about the progress and status of the consumers are

                       accurately andappropriately communicated.

                   Worksclosely with the administrative team to ensure the best program option for

                       every consumer

                   Reporton and follow-up with all medical issues with Unit Nurse and/or Assistant


                   Reviewand make all necessary corrections to Medication Administration Record

                       (MAR) from pharmacyprior to use at the beginning of the new month.

                   Semi-weeklychecks of all documentation, i.e. progress notes, resident goals,

                       incident reports,medication logs, daily logs, etc.

      Assist with incident report closure by submitting requesting documentsto the      appropriate management teammember.

  C) Staff Development and Supervision:

                   Supervisesand evaluates the performance of Residential Advisors.

                   Addressstaff performance concerns and takes necessary disciplinary action in

                       consultation with theAssistant Director.

                   Documentabsenteeism and tardiness of Residential Advisors.

                   Conductson-site orientation with new hires.

                   Conductsmonthly staff meetings.

                   Insuresstaff compliance with all programs and RHD policies and DPW 6400


                   Promotesand insures effective communication among residential advisors.

  D) Vehicle Maintenance:

                   Ensurethe maintenance of vehicle mileage logs in program vehicle.

                   Ensurethat updated vehicle registration and insurance information are in program


                   Contactthe Assistant Director for regular maintenance, oil changes, repairs, and

                       inspections for vehiclesand keeps accurate record of it.

  E) External Relations:

        Acts as unitrepresentative at community meetings and other public venues as

                    necessaryand in accordance with RHD values.

           Maintain effective working relationships withpersonnel from the county, local

                    agencies,case management and families to coordinate service delivery to


  F) Requirements:

                   Highschool diploma or GED.

                   3years of experience working with individuals with Intellectual Developmental

                       Disabilities andBehavioral Challenges. 

                   Supervisionskills and experience preferred.

                   Secondaryeducation or equivalent is preferred.

                   Validdriver's license.

                   Acceptablecriminal record clearance per Agency requirements.

  Resources for Human Development is an equalopportunity employer. All qualified

  applicants will receive consideration foremployment without regard to race, color, age,

  religion, gender, gender identity, sexualorientation, national origin, genetic

  information, veteran, or disability status.


Physical requirements

Physical Requirements

ð       Stand or Sit (stationary position)

ð       Walk

ð       Use hands or fingers to handle or feel (operate, activate, prepare, inspect, position)

ð       Climb (stairs/ladders)

ð       Talk/Hear (communicate, converse, convey, express/exchange information)

ð       See (detect, identify, recognize, inspect, assess)

ð       Pushing or Pulling

ð       Repetitive Motion

ð       Reaching (high or low)

ð       Kneel, Stoop, Crouch or Crawl (position self, move)

Additional Requirements:




Ancillary Support to: BehaviorSpecialist, Program Specialist, Medical Coordinator, Fiscal AdministrativeAssistant


Resources for Human Development is an equalopportunity employer. All qualifiedapplicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race,color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationalorigin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.




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responsiable for the overall operation of the home.

Insures that all care and services to consumers are provided in accordance with stae and county regulations

ensure that all consumers are active in programs activities and provide feedback.

ensure that monthlyfire drill are conducted

 reports all maintenance issues.

maintain on-call status, which includebut not limited to being available 24 hours per day,serven days per week by cell phone ,notify assistant director and/or Director of any and all major incidents involving staff and /or residents and insures required documentation iscompleted.

Required Experience


Required Education


Required Qualifications





Program Summary

Resources for Human Development-Genesis Programi seekingto hire a front liesite supervisor to provide oversight and directsupports for individuals with intekkectual

disabilitiesand behavioralchallenges who resides in 6400 licensed homes.

commiment to to the RHD values shouldbe demostrated as job duties are performed.

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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.