Requisition Number: PA054-PSYUF-H-06-2021-02
Job Title: Psych Rehab Facilitator
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: A - High School/GED
Minimum Years of Experience: 1
Salary Range: 13.00-16.83

Psych Rehab Facilitator

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Description/Job Summary

Job titleRHD Allegheny Mobile Services – Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist/Assistant/Worker
Reports toProgram Supervisor

The Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner provides one on one community-based interventions that helps consumers with exploring and identifying recovery goals, assess their skill training and support needs to best accomplish those goals and then provide individualized skill training and supports development, when and where those skills need to be performed.


    • Promote principles of recovery and psychiatric rehabilitation with participants, providers, and stakeholders.

    • Provide skill-building concerning assisting in recovery management, identification of personal strengths/ assets, development of a strength-based recovery plan /recovery goals, and strategies to meet goals.

    • Assist in identifying or re-connecting to natural supports including but not limited to peer recovery supports and self-help groups in the community.

    • Assist in scheduling appointments as needed.

    • Assist with accessing and navigating the mental health and/or D&A service system.

    • Assist with accessing and navigating mental health court, Adult Probation, Justice Related Services and the legal system.

    • Participate in treatment team meetings, continuing care (aftercare) meetings, as requested by the member.

    • Demonstrate flexibility in schedule in order to meet participant’s needs.

    • Advocate for the member's community needs, medical, and behavioral health needs

    • Utilize motivational interviewing to effectively identify the member’s strengths, needs, motivation, triggers, and goals in managing life circumstances.

    • Bridge the gap between the physical health care and behavioral health treatment.

    • Provide telephonic assistance to members and family members concerning recovery tools and resources.

    • Empower the member to self-advocate and follow through with treatment (making and attending scheduled appointments, setting goals, and community networking.

    • Travel throughout the Allegheny County region.

    • Utilize electronic health record to document and bill for services through electronic record software

    • Complete all other assigned tasks as designated by the Unit Director.

Required Experience

See below

Required Education

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist- Must possess one of the following:

    • A bachelor’s degree and 2 years work experience in mental health direct service,

    • 1 year of which must be work experience in PRS. CPRP certification shall be attained within 2 years from the date of hire as a psychiatric rehabilitation specialist.

    • CPRP certification.

    • or

    • A bachelor’s degree.

    • An associate’s degree and 1 year work experience in mental health direct service.

    • A CPS certificate and 1 additional year paid or volunteer work experience in mental health direct service.

    • A high school diploma or GED and 2 years work experience in human services which must include 1 year of mental health direct service.

    • or

    • High School diploma or GED; and

    • 6 months experience in human services.

Required Qualifications


    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation regulations.

    • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with staff, participants, and family members.

    • Demonstrate excellent problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.

    • Demonstrate good organizational and time-management skills.

    • Demonstrate skills using Microsoft Office software and database management, as well as using the Internet as a resource.

    • Able to support and implement RHD and unit values and beliefs.

    • Able to engage employees and participants in effective, therapeutic and recovery-oriented interactions.

    • Possess a thorough understanding of Psych Rehab Core Values and Principles and the requirements and expectations of Allegheny County OBH and Community Care Program Standards.

    • Willing to travel as necessary.

      Other Requirements/Certifications

    • Valid driver’s license

    • State police clearance

    • Child abuse clearance

    • FBI clearance

Working conditions
RHD Allegheny is a mobile program. The incumbent will be required to meet with participants and supervisors in the field.  This may include the need to use public transportation and walking to locations in both warm and cold weather conditions throughout the year. 

Program Summary

RHD Allegheny Mobile Services (RAMS) Program provides mobile psychiatric rehabilitation services for adults with mental health disorders who are considered to be high utilizers of inpatient psychiatric hospitals. RHD Allegheny team members will assist participants to choose, acquire, and maintain the skills they need to successfully live and thrive in the community independently using skills-based and strength-based techniques. Services offered include, development of and coaching on recovery or wellness plans, individual advocacy, education, development of natural supports, support of work or other meaningful activity of the individual’s choosing, crisis management support, skills training, effective utilization of the service delivery system, and coordination of and linkage to other service providers.

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