Requisition Number: PA044-WELCO-H-07-2021-02
Job Title: Wellness Recovery Coach
City: Walnutport
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: C - 4 Year Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 1
Salary Range: $15.00-15.75

Wellness Recovery Coach

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Description/Job Summary


The CHALET (Community of Hope, Advocacy, Learning, Empowerment and Triumph) is a three-person therapeutic, residential program for persons re-entering the community after psychiatric hospitalization.

Under authority of the Program Director and in coordination with the House Manager, the Wellness Coach assures that all operational procedures are followed.  The Wellness Coach is responsible for utilizing psychiatric rehabilitation principles to promote recovery, full community integration and improved quality of life for residents through collaboration with consumers, team members, family members, significant others and collateral resources.  The Wellness Coach will assist team members and other providers with an understanding of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Model and the day to day practice of this modality. It is expected that 80% of the Wellness Coach's time will be spent in actual contact with the consumer or others on his or her behalf. Paperwork requirements and team meetings should not require more than 20% of the worker's time.

        Preferred Skills:

        • Experience with the public mental health system
        • Duties may require physical stamina to walk up flights of stairs, conduct bus training and taking actions needed to promote one’s personal safety and well-being in environments that are, at times, unpredictable.
        • Services will be provided in the community and home environment and the worker will need to be respectful of personal boundaries.


        • Perform tasks that are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job but may be altered or re-designed as needed.
        • To participate in ongoing planning and Continuous Quality Improvement activities for the program.
        • To be responsible for the accounting of petty cash.
        • To assume responsibility for the medication observation policies as well as helping consumers understand the effects of their medications.
        • .

        • To support and promote the mission statement and values of the CHALET program.
        • To maintain a safe, supportive and recovery-focused environment that fosters growth and rehabilitation as well as facilitates the development of natural supports and self-help skills.
        • To maintain the environment in accordance with acceptable community standards for cleanliness by performing household maintenance tasks and partnering with consumers to provide life skills training.
        • To engage consumers in a trusting and supportive relationship, providing emotional support within the professional boundaries, as needed.
        • To support the individualized recovery plans developed with consumers with the aim of achieving and maintaining physical health, mental health and emotional well-being as well as participating in the recovery process.
        • To assist the consumer to reach the goals he or she has set in their recovery plan.  The following activities are considered essential in helping the consumer to achieve goals: 1. Incorporating self-help techniques into living practices and problem-solving activities  2. Role modeling adaptive styles of behaviors 3. Practice and encourage advocacy activities to enable self-advocacy efforts.  4. Participate in the consumers’ development of an informal support network and 5. Mentor appropriate use of community resources.

        Required Experience

        One year expereince with Mental Health

        One year experince with Psychatric Rehabilitation Services, preferred. 

          Required Education

          Qualifications and Education Requirements:

          • Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service discipline
          • Experience providing support and partnering with individuals with mental illness is preferred
          • Knowledge of community resources, consumer advocacy and the ability to function within a team setting
          • Valid Driver’s License required

          Required Qualifications

          CPRP. Preferred 

          Program Summary

          The CHALET (Community of Hope, Advocacy, Learning, Empowerment and Triumph) is a three-person therapeutic, residential program for persons re-entering the community after psychiatric hospitalization.
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