Requisition Number: PA017-PEESW-H-04-2020-02
Job Title: Peer Support Worker
City: Philadelphia
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: N/A
Minimum Years of Experience: N/A
Salary Range: $16.83 - $17.79/hr

Peer Support Worker

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Description/Job Summary

The Peer Specialist provides peer support services, serves as an advocate for participants, shares coping skills, and provides recovery information for participants.  The Peer Specialist performs a wide range of tasks to assist participants in regaining control over their own recovery process.  This includes but is not limited to the development of natural supports, social interactions in the community, and managing of symptoms that challenge wellness in an individual.


Essential Functions

  • Mobile Work-
    • Outreach to individuals who are homeless and eligible for housing and provide information resources to connect them with housing
    • Build relationships with hospital Emergency Rooms and Managed Care Company liaisons.
    • Need to have the ability to be mobile to meet with program participants independently in the community and at their residences.
    • Assuring 24-hour on-call access to Peer Support services
  • Encounters- Must make regular visits to eligible individuals to provide wellness, skills training, socialization, and community integration services.

  • Documentation
    • Encounter Notes must be entered into the database within 24 hours of the encounter
    • Individual Recovery Plans, Reviews, and Assessments must be completed and approved before the deadlines
    • Intake Paperwork must be submitted and complete for all new participants
    • Participant progress and Outcomes reports assigned must be completed an approved before the deadline provided by the supervisor
  • Training- Completing Assigned Training, quizzes, and confirmed understanding on how to implement what was learned
  • Disciplinary History- Adherence to Team ARRIVE and RHD policies including call outs, professionalism, and other program and organizational standards

Duties and Responsibilities

Work with Participants to Achieve Community Integration and Recovery Goals

  • Serve as a member of Team ARRIVE to provide supportive peer services to participants living independently in the community.
  • Role model wellness and recovery.
  • Facilitate recovery goal planning to assist participants with managing interpersonal relationships and community integration activities.
  • Lead the implementation and use of Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP):
  • Engage in discussions with participants about WRAPs.
  • Facilitate creation and integration of WRAPs as desired by participants.
  • Facilitate WRAP groups as needed.
  • Use Motivational Interviewing in individual and groups settings.
  • Explore and identify problem-solving techniques with individuals.
  • Explore and identify skills to combat negative self-talk.
  • Explore and identify techniques to overcome fears.
  • Explore and identify coping strategies and relapse prevention skills.
  • Share recovery-oriented educational materials.
  • Share physical and mental health education materials.
  • Connect with healthcare providers.
  • Provide education about medications and support attendance to medical appointments.
  • Support participants through various change processes including residential, medical, psychiatric, and social.

Maintain Compliance with Funding Entities Related to Service Delivery

  • Communicate use of work time to accomplish tasks through Outlook, email and calls to Supervisor.  Document work time accurately in Lawson payroll database.

Complete all other assigned tasks as designated by the Supervisor.

Required Experience

At least 1 Year Experience in working with individuals experiencing homelessness, substance abuse and/ or mental illness.

Required Education

Peer Specialist Certification Preferred with ability to obtain Certification

HS Diploma/GED, Bachelor’s Preferred

Required Qualifications

  • Knowledge of recovery principles and tools.
  • Certified Peer Specialist service expectations.
  • Knowledge of WRAP.
  • Able to communicate in a written and verbal format.
  • Able to document daily activities and recovery goals.
  • Able to role model recovery and hope.
  • Able to hear anecdotal information and reframe in the context of facts and data in an empathic manner.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Able to manage mobile technology independently.
  • Able to support and implement RHD and unit values and beliefs.
  • State police clearance
  • FBI clearance if living outside of Pennsylvania within the last 2 years  

Program Summary

The RHD Housing Smart program provides outreach to homeless individuals in the community and provides coordination around housing, medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse services.   
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