Requisition Number: MEMPH-DRSPP-H-06-2018-02
Job Title: Direct Support Professional (DRSPP-H)
City: Memphis
State: TN

Minimum Degree Required: A - High School/GED
Minimum Years of Experience: 0
Salary Range: 10.00

Direct Support Professional (DRSPP-H)

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Description/Job Summary

Job Description Template
Job title Direct Support Professional
Reports to Home Manager
Position Summary
 Responsible for training and assisting individuals served in various aspects of activities of daily living, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies and procedures. This position is also responsible for the health, safety and emotional support of the individuals being served.
Essential Duties and Functions
1. Develops and maintains activities centered around the client’s ISP outcomes.
2. Orients staff and new clients to the client rights, rules, and regulations.
3.Works closely with the other Management staff to assess and report on individual client’s knowledge, values, skills, and needs in the areas of Personal Management, ADL’s, Fitness, ISP Outcomes and Recreational activities.
4. Works closely with other management to develop meaningful activities for clients based on the previous assessments.
5. In the area of Personal Care Management, provides direct instruction and/or reinforcement to clients and trains staff on the following:
  • Eating skills
  • Dressing skills
  • Toileting skills
  • Body care skills
  • Healthcare skills
  • Shopping for personal needs
  • Understanding of how personal management skills relate to the world of works
6. Provides direct instruction and/or reinforcement to clients on the following: •Housekeeping skills
  • Food preparation skills
  • Clothing care skills
  • Understanding of how their accomplished skills relate to the world of work
7. In the area of Fitness and in the routine as set up by the Nutritionist, provides direct instruction and/or reinforcement to clients on the following: •Maintenance of appropriate exercise routines
•Utilization of fitness centers/gyms in the community
•Understanding of how fitness activities relate to the world of work
8. In the area of Recreation, provides direct instruction and/or reinforcement to clients on the following:
  •  Activities such as crafts and games
  • Utilization of recreational opportunities both in the community and at the home such as movies, malls, bowling, plays, concerts, restaurants, parks, and other special events.
  • Help foster understanding of how recreational activities relate to the world of work
9. Maintains appropriate records and prepares periodic reports on individual client progress.
10. Participates in all Intake Reviews, ISP Meetings, Program Reviews, and Staff Conferences
11. Attends all required in-service training and all-staff meetings.
12. Utilize appropriate communicative skills such as interviewing, listening and providing information, support, and encouragement to facilitate clients and assigned staff’s personal growth, development, and well-being.
13. Assist clients and staff to examine and work through feelings and attitudes about disabilities which impede the learning of adaptive skills.
14. Encourage client independence and full participation in family, work and community activities.
15. Select teaching techniques and instructional settings consistent with each client’s abilities, aspirations, and life situation, and assist them in transferring the learned skills into the settings where they will be utilized when training is completed.
16. Utilize aids and appliances during training that are comparable to those that will be accessible to the client upon completion of the program.
17. Avoid non-productive subjective emotional involvements with clients of their families and staff.
18. Work effectively with the management staff and consultants as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
19. Organize activities and manage time efficiently.
20. Seek, accept, and use supervision effectively.
21. Respond quickly, intelligently, and appropriately to emergency situations.
22. Give clear directions, guidance, and supervision to all staff.
 23. Be flexible and adjustable in order to meet the needs of individuals served.
• Knowledge of company policies and procedures.
• Basic knowledge of nutrition, housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene and first aid.
• Skill in working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
• Ability to communicate effectively in a courteous and professional manner.
• Ability to teach individuals with developmental disabilities.
• Ability to read documents and written instructions.
• Ability to write and maintain accurate records.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Ability to stoop, kneel, and lift to complete assigned tasks.
• Ability to use telephone.
• Ability to maintain a patient and positive attitude.
• Ability to drive a motor vehicle.
• Basic computer knowledge.
 At least one year related experience preferred but not required.
 Must be at least 18 years of age.
Working conditions
Hazard and Atmospheric Conditions
  • Exposure to Fumes
  • Exposure to Dust
  • Exposure to Extreme Heat
  • Exposure to Extreme Cold
  • Wet and/or Humid
  • Exposure to Loud Noise
  • Exposure to Confined Places
  • Mists or Gases
  • Exposure to Mechanical Hazards
  • Exposure to Chemical Hazards
  • Exposure to Electrical Hazards
  • Radiant Energy Hazard
  • Exposure to Heights
  • Exposure to Burn Hazard
Additional Special Working Conditions:
Physical requirements
Lifting Requirements
  • Sedentary: exerting up to 10 pounds of force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to left, carry, push, pull or move objects (including self). Most work involves sitting majority of the time.
  • Light: exerting up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. The use of arm and/or leg control requires force greater than sedentary, but worker still sits majority of time.
  • Medium: exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds constantly to move objects.
  • Heavy: exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects.
  • Very Heavy: exerting over 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or move 50 pounds of force constantly to move objects.
Physical Requirements
  • Stand or Sit (stationary position)
  • Walk
  • Use hands or fingers to handle or feel (operate, activate, prepare, inspect, position)
  • Climb (stairs/ladders)
  • Talk/Hear (communicate, converse, convey, express/exchange information)
  • See (detect, identify, recognize, inspect, assess)
  • Pushing or Pulling
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Reaching (high or low)
  • Kneel, Stoop, Crouch or Crawl (position self, move)
Additional Requirements:
Reporting Relationships
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