Requisition Number: LVACT-TEALE-S-02-2020-01
Job Title: Blended Case Management Supervisor
City: Bethlehem
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: D - Graduate Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 3
Salary Range: $52,800-$52,800/year

Blended Case Management Supervisor

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Description/Job Summary

The Blended Case Management Supervisor is responsible for supervising client–driven behavioral health service delivery (assessment, identification of problems, planning, implementation, and evaluation) for clients; participating in Performance Improvement (PI) activities, reports areas of concern, participates in the administrative oversight of the program when requested, collects data, supervises and/or implements corrective actions and follow-up methods, ensures staff are accountable to PI activities and utilizes PI findings in job performance evaluations; participates in continuing education programs to promote self-development; implements strategies to achieve goals developed for the program as part of the program’s annual performance improvement plan; insuring the program’s compliance with operating policies and procedures and outside regulatory requirements; representing the program in collaborative meetings with external providers; organizing the work, activities and human resources of the agency; directly supervising assigned personnel; communicating with all program personnel; providing periodic management reports as requested.


  1. To support and promote the mission statement and values of the Lehigh Valley Assertive Community Treatment program.
  2. To train and support the staff in the completion and review of strengths based assessments, the development of Individualized Service Plans, and in the documentation of services.
  3. To assist staff in empowerment of clients to reach the goals set in the Individualized Service Plan. 
  4. Assist staff in engaging clients in a trusting and supportive treatment partnership, providing emotional support while maintaining professional boundaries
  5. Supervises caseload with individual program members as well as with the ICM team on a regular basis.
  6. Maintains required records accurately, comprehensively and in a timely manner.
  7. Develops and maintains an efficient scheduling system for program personnel, ensuring the needs of the program are met.
  8. Assists the Program Director of Lehigh Valley Assertive Community Treatment in future planning, implementing new policies and interpreting new directions and meeting the needs of the staff.
  9. Cooperates with, participates in and supports the adherence to all internal policies, procedures and practices, and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  10. Provides liaison with family members, community agencies, advocacy persons/groups and hospitals when appropriate.
  11. Directly supervises assigned personnel 
  12. To provide supervisory back-up on-call coverage, involving phone work and possible face-to-face contact.
  13. To maintain one’s own physical, mental and emotional well-being to maximize the healthy functioning of the ICM team and to model healthy work functioning for staff.

Required Experience

  • A minimum of three (3) years of experience in direct care with adults in the following system: Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Juvenile Justice, Health Care, and Vocational Rehabilitation, including two (2) years of community based treatment, and two years of supervisory experience.

Required Education

  • A Graduate degree in Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Education,or any Graduate degree in the field of human services.

Required Qualifications

The Blended Case Management Supervisor is expected to have professional energy and competence in case management practice, as well as a desire to expand their knowledge base. The Blended Case Management Supervisor must be flexible and able to respond appropriately and effectively in a crisis situation, providing leadership in crisis resolution activities. 

The position requires the individual to be assertive and able to communicate effectively with various persons and organizations with which Lehigh Valley ACT has contact in the community.  The Blended Case Management Supervisor must be organized, goal oriented, and be able to follow through with numerous and varied responsibilities.

Program Summary

Recovery-focused, multidisciplinary, assertive community treatment programs provide intensive, individual support for people in Lehigh and Northampton counties who are working to overcome the barriers to recovery from mental illness. Assertive Community Treatment Teams provide: Psychiatric assessment, medication education and monitoring, treatment for co-occuring disorders, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, psychosocial services and education (including Wellness Management and Recovery, SAMSHA evidence-based IMR) and intervention help strengthen the individual’s networks. Blended Case Management Services affords the collaborative coordination of services and resources supportive of recovery and growth. Individuals work with case managers to increase personal and financial independence, overcome barriers compromising access to treatment, build and expand capabilities in roles and relationships within the community and, acquire skills to support self-determination and self-management of the symptoms or challenges related to their illness. HUD funding allows LVACT to respond to the residential needs of participants who have been diagnosed with a serious, persistent mental illnesses and have histories of homelessness.

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