Requisition Number: LVACT-CASM2-H-09-2020-02
Job Title: Case Manager II Generalist
City: Bethlehem
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: C - 4 Year Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 3
Salary Range: $16.35 - $17.55 / hourly, plus stipends

Case Manager II Generalist

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Description/Job Summary

Under the authority and direction of the Team Leader, the Employment Specialist on the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team assures that all operational procedures and regulations are followed. This team member is responsible for direct services provided in the collaboration with consumers, significant others, and collateral resources and includes assessment and specialized intervention related to the attainment of employment. This team member will assist adults with a diagnosis of a serious and persistent mental illness to gain access to needed resources such as financial, housing, medical, social, vocational, educational, leisure and mental health services.  This team member will be, when designated, the primary for individuals served by the team and collaborate with the individual and team members to address the service delivery system for the individual and will monitor both the individual’s functioning and the delivery of services to the individual in order to maintain the individual’s stability in the community.  Insuring quality of life as a means of reducing stressors and thereby reducing the exacerbation of illness and hospital recidivism are the primary goals of the collaborative relationship between the individual and team members.  It is expected that 70% of this team member’s time will be spent in actual contacts with the consumer or others on the consumer’s behalf.  Paperwork requirements and staff meetings should require the remaining 30% of time.


  1. Support and promote the mission statement and values of the Lehigh Valley Assertive Community Team program.
  2. Identify and respond to the needs of the consumers in achieving efficient responses to requests and to eliminate barriers limiting productivity in day-to-day activities.
  3. Engage individuals in a trusting and supportive relationship, providing emotional support within professional boundaries.
  4. Collaborate with individuals and others in the completion and review of strength based assessment.
  5. Design and update the Recovery Plan with the individual based upon the specific needs of the individual, with the aim of maximizing physical, emotional and mental health.
    1. Assist the individual to reach the goals identified in the Recovery Plan. The following activities are considered essential in helping the individual to achieve goals:
    2. linkage with service monitoring of service delivery
    • education regarding and/or facilitating the use of community resources
    • maximizing the use/availability of an informal support system
    • problem resolution
    • assessment of services
    • gaining access to services
    1. Provide emergency on-call coverage in rotation with other team members as needed.  This may involve both phone work and in-person contact over a 24 hour period.
    2. Maintain required records accurately, comprehensively and in a timely manner. Keeps required consumer data up to date and submits paperwork as per program policy.
    3. Develop and maintains an efficient, appropriate and comprehensive record and scheduling system.
    4. Participate fully as a member of the team in staffing and other meetings, offering relevant input and feedback and accepting such from other team members.
    5. Cooperate with, participates in and supports the adherence to all internal policies, procedures and practices, and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
    6. Communicate with the Team Leader, Program Director and appropriate staff personnel in order to integrate activities.
    7. Work in a collaborative and collegial manner with other staff both intra- and inter-agency in assisting both the program’s clients and the program to meet identified goals.
    8. Insure the confidentiality of all client and/or employee-related information.
    9. Maintain one’s own physical, mental and emotional well-being so that the ACT Team Employment Specialist can function appropriately in the job and can model healthy functioning to consumers

Required Experience

Three years of experience in a community-based, human services position and/or having bi-lingual (English-Spanish) competencies is desired.

Required Education

A BS or BA degree in a Human Service field is required

Required Qualifications

The Case Manager II/Generalist must be knowledgeable, flexible, have proficient reading, grammar and mathematics skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills; knowledge of the principles and practices of the human services field as related to adult behavioral health; demonstrate an ability to work with multi-cultural population and acquire designated, mandatory training in CPR, First Aid, Driving/Safety techniques and have a valid driver’s license. This individual must be organized, goal oriented and able to follow through with numerous responsibilities while ensuring accuracy in work product outcomes.  The Case Manager II/Generalist must have the ability and experience to make independent decisions regarding the most efficient process to complete requested work.

Program Summary

Recovery-focused, multidisciplinary, assertive community treatment programs provide intensive, individual support for people in Lehigh and Northampton counties who are working to overcome the barriers to recovery from mental illness. Assertive Community Treatment Teams provide: Psychiatric assessment, medication education and monitoring, treatment for co-occuring disorders, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, psychosocial services and education (including Wellness Management and Recovery, SAMSHA evidence-based IMR) and intervention help strengthen the individual’s networks. Blended Case Management Services affords the collaborative coordination of services and resources supportive of recovery and growth. Individuals work with case managers to increase personal and financial independence, overcome barriers compromising access to treatment, build and expand capabilities in roles and relationships within the community and, acquire skills to support self-determination and self-management of the symptoms or challenges related to their illness. HUD funding allows LVACT to respond to the residential needs of participants who have been diagnosed with a serious, persistent mental illnesses and have histories of homelessness.

Resources for Human Development, is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran or disability status.

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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.