Requisition Number: HOPES-STSUP-H-06-2021-02
Job Title: Site Supervisor
City: Walnutport
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: C - 4 Year Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 5
Salary Range: 19.60

Site Supervisor

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Description/Job Summary

The Site Supervisor is directly responsible for ensuring the creation of a safe and healthy environment that fosters communication, a sense of well-being, empowerment and support to the consumers supported by the program. The Site Supervisor is responsible for overall management of the site/work group they supervise and all staff working in the site/group(s). The Site Supervisor will provide direct supervision of the Lead Staff and Direct Support Professionals (DSP/RSS) in the sites they supervise. The Site Supervisor will act as a role model for employees regarding the expectations of how the job duties should be performed, the attitude to maintain while at work and appropriate interactions with consumers and other professionals. A commitment to the RHD values should be demonstrated as job duties are performed.


  Participate in and attend all planning and team meetings for each consumer.

· Respond appropriately to crisis situations by notifying the appropriate persons, completing/submitting incident reports.

· Report any medical concerns to the unit leadership and/or agency nurse immediately.

· Develop and coordinate the planning of monthly consumer activities and ensure their implementation, providing required funds.

· Manage, monitor, and reconcile all site and consumer-related expenditures.

· Oversee the maintenance, upkeep and safety of the physical site and site vehicles, reporting needed repairs, upkeep and conditions to the Unit Director.

· Monitor and ensure the timely completion of all site documentation (logs, medications, inventories, incident reports, assessments, progress van logs etc.) and communicate issues and/or problems directly to Unit Director.

· Orient, assign and monitor the work performance of employees regularly assigned to the site(s) supervised.

· Meet regularly with and provide supervision to each site employee to provide skill training and mentoring that supports staff development and document and address any identified needs for improvement.

· Manage site scheduling including all callouts, no-shows and time-off requests to provide coverage as needed.

  Other Duties as assigned

Required Experience

· Minimum 5 years’ experience working with adults with IDD/Mental Health Diagnosis

Required Education

.Associates/Bachelors Degree preferred

High School Diploma

· Minimum 5 years’ experience working with adults with IDD/Mental Health Diagnosis

Required Qualifications

Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of the appropriate regulations, RHD values and program policies and procedures.

· Basic computer and internet literacy with the ability to utilize applications like emails, time recording and other programs to enter and retrieve data as necessary to perform the essential functions of the job.

Program Summary

The Hope Springs program promotes consumer independence and personal growth by providing permanent residences in a supportive environment for individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness.  Hope Springs has an uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity to help our consumers live happy and fulfilling lives. 

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