Requisition Number: CONNE-PRGCP-S-10-2019-01
Job Title: Program Coordinator II
City: Hamden
State: CT

Minimum Degree Required: A - High School/GED
Minimum Years of Experience: 3
Salary Range: $48,000 - $50,000/year

Program Coordinator II

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Description/Job Summary

RHD Connecticut (CT) is hiring a Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator works closely with the RHD Connecticut State Director and the IDD Executive Vice President toensure that agency training, recruitment and on-boarding of new staff needs aremet.  The Program Coordinator is a member of the administrative team andserves in a support capacity to management.


  • Monitors and updates agency training database
  • Creates and distributes monthly training calendar
  • Coordinates and monitors RHD's on-line training application implementation
  • Schedules Med Certification activities for all employees in collaboration with the Director of Nursing
  • Prepares and presents regular training updates to administrative team
  • Provides notification to staff and management of training status
  • Helps to schedule and implement a coordinated recruitment and interviewing process
  • Assists in the on-boarding of newstaff, including New Hire paperwork and orientation
  • Collaborates with the Connecticut State Director, Sr. Financial Director and Residential Coordinators to proactively review schedules in each program. These reviews will help with assuring number of hours scheduled at each site are within the budgeted hours of the site.
  • Monitors current staff vacancies by site
  • Drives the Open House/Interview Process based on the identified staffing needs
  • Other duties as assigned

Provides the following trainings

  • Conducts monthly New Hire Orientation
  • Conducts program specific trainings during staff meetings
  • Teaches and promotes RHD Values
  • Works with managers in the programs to schedule, support, develop and monitor trainings as needed per program
  • Coordinates the scheduling of training consultants
  • Conducts monthly training audits to ensure compliance with CT DDS and RHD policies
  • Provides all required training on a monthly basis,including but not limited to: Policies and Procedures, Fire Safety, Abuse & Neglect and PMT

Required Experience

  • Familiarity with CT State regulations governing services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • Proficient in computer skills, including but not limited to: Office 365, Microsoft, Excel, Word and ACCESS

Required Education

  • High school diploma/GED plus 5+ years of experience OR Associates Degree preferred with 3+ years’ experience in the field. 

Required Qualifications

  • Valid driver's license
  • Demonstrates strategic, analytical and creative thinking
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) with the ability to engage and work collaboratively with diverse groups of people
  • Excellent listening, relationship building, collaboration, and conflict management skills
  • Ability to work with a diverse population of consumers and staff
  • Ability to mentor staff in the development of their job skills/roles
  • Ability to model appropriate interactions

Program Summary

The mission of Resources for Human Development (RHD) is to provide caring,effective and innovative services that empower people of all abilities as theybuild better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. RHD’s multi-faceted programs serve people with a variety of challenges thatinclude intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, substanceabuse and homelessness.

RHD Connecticut provides residential community living arrangements, dayservices, and individual habilitative supports to people who have developmentaldisabilities in the West and South regions in Connecticut. Currently RHD CToperates 10 CLAs, Continuous Residential Support programs and supportsindividuals who reside in apartments in the community. RHD CT operates two dayprograms, one in the Western region and one in the Southern region of theState.



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Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.