Requisition Number: BRNDY-REGNU-S-06-2020-02
Job Title: Registered Nurse
City: Wilmington
State: DE

Minimum Degree Required: N/A
Minimum Years of Experience: N/A
Salary Range: $29.00-$29.00/hour

Registered Nurse

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Description/Job Summary

The Registered Nurse (RN) supports the program by managing the medical and psychiatric needs of the group home consumers, along with supporting best practices for the program.

  • Performs tasks in a manner that upholds the Values of RHD
  • Interacts with consumers in a manner that reflects compassion and understanding.
  • Interacts with peers, supervisors and the community in a manner that reflects a respectful, mature and professional outlook
  • Interacts with consumers in a manner that is not confrontational or argumentative
  • Interacts with consumers in a manner that is respectful of the consumer’s ability to make his or her own decisions, while also managing the responsibility of the program


  • Performs tasks in support of the physical and mental well-being of the consumers
  • Participates in and collaborates with other professionals during the weekly treatment team for the purpose of the implementation of the needs and desires of the consumers
  • Communicates with medical personnel in the community to schedule appointments, provide follow up and assure residents’ needs are met
  • Reviews labs/tests/office visit notes to assure appropriate follow up on health issues
  • Participates in the provision of services in the event of a medical or psychiatric emergency
  • Provides evening or weekend telephone consultation in the event of a medical or psychiatric emergency.
  • Works individually with consumers to address particular health needs (i.e. checking vitals, weight management, nutrition)
  • Facilitates psychoeducational groups with consumers aimed at improving healthy living practices
  • Collaborates with consumers to create weekly menus
  • Administers medications to consumers
  • Attends medical appointments with consumers
  • Communicates changes in consumer status to all staff through documentation in communication log or in person
  • Transmits vitals and glucose checks to physicians as requested/ordered
  • Attends conferences/in-services related to the position as requested
  • Performs tasks to assure that program is in compliance with the policies and regulations of RHD, LTCRP, DSAMH, AND CARF
  • Provides medication assistance training to all new hires
  • Provides as needed and annual trainings to all staff
  • Maintains appropriate standards for medication storage
  • Maintains appropriate documentation regarding controlled substances
  • Records changes to medication orders in MAR
  • Orders medications to assure that program has 3 days medication on site
  • Reviews monthly delivery of medication and MAR’s for accuracy
  • Maintains an ongoing record of prn medication expiration dates
  • Reviews MAR’s weekly for refusals or errors
  • Reports medication errors to Resident Manager/Unit Director
  • Provides support and direction to CNA staff at program
  • Performs tasks in the support of the well-being of RHD Delaware Mental Health Group Homes
  • Participates in supervision with the Resident Manager/Unit Director for the purpose of ongoing professional development
  • Works collaboratively with Divisional and other RHD staff and programs
  • Displays a positive attitude and an ability to interact with others in a mature professional manner
  • Represents RHD at meetings with funder/licensing/accreditation personnel
  • Reflects the Values of RHD during interactions with employees, consumers, peers, supervisors, and community agencies
  • Maintains a valid driver’s license
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Experience

  • 2 years of previous experience 

Required Education

  • BA Degree
  • RN license

Required Qualifications

  • Current Delaware licensure as a Registered Nurse
  • Previous experience working with adults with chronic mental illness
  • Current driver’s license

Program Summary

Brandywine Hills is a Delaware Group Home that provides ADL skills and other skills to individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. 
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