Requisition Number: ADESH-ASDIR-S-06-2020-02
Job Title: Assistant Director of Clinical Services
City: Malvern
State: PA

Minimum Degree Required: C - 4 Year Degree
Minimum Years of Experience: 5
Salary Range: 62,000-67,000

Assistant Director of Clinical Services

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Description/Job Summary

RHD is open and hiring during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Please feel free to apply today.

The Assistant Director of Clinical Services is responsible for overseeing clinical features and systems of both the Residential, Behavioral & Day Service programs ensuring the safety and well-being of all program Participants through ongoing collaboration with the Assistant Directors & Program Director while providing direct clinical supervision to Team Members as needed.

The Assistant Director of Clinical Services will also be expected to create, oversee and improve clinical systems to ensure continued quality improvement while supporting and participating in the oversight, growth and development of both Residential, Behavioral and Day Service programs. Commitment to the RHD values should be demonstrated as job duties are performed.



  1. In conjunction with Program Director & Assistant Directors schedule and conduct Participant recruitment efforts to grow both the residential, behavioral and day service programs.
  2. Participate in monthly clinical systems reviews & quarterly strategic planning and development meetings with administrative team to analyze and improve existing clinical systems & to set and review short and long term strategic and tactical clinical goals to ensure increased efficiency, continuous quality improvement and programmatic growth.
  3. Ensure that all residential homes meet clinical licensing standards set forth by all government agencies/licensing bodies involved.
  4. Assist Program Director as needed to ensure long term programmatic sustainability needed to support clinical operations.


  1.   Schedule and conduct with Program Managers a review of Participant medical charts, ensuring that all     appointments and necessary paperwork are completed and current to meet clinical needs.
  2.   Schedule, conduct and participate in meetings as needed to include:

      ISP, Management, Team Lead, All Staff, Monthly Monitoring, IM4Q, Retreat, HRST, SIS Assessments,               Corporate Case Consultations, HRC etc.

3.   Ensure that Program Managers complete, file and forward all clinical documentation to appropriate parties       to include: Daily’s, Monthly's, Quarterly’s, Assessments & Physicals, 90 Day Med Reviews, MA-51 etc.

4.   Participate in bi-monthly audits to include:

      a. Medical Charts, Medication Logs (MAR Logs), Fire Drills,

5.   Participate in Program Management meetings to review programmatic & staff  needs and to ensure                   completion of: Medical Charts, Monthly Reports, Census Reports, Service Notes, & Crossover/Bi-Weekly         Med Check Forms MAR Logs

6.   Assist in the provision of direct care as needed for special events and/or emergencies

7.   In conjunction with Assistant Director of Operations, develops and maintain an on-call system to ensure             continuity of care when there are clinical/staffing/housing emergencies.

8.   Provide support and leadership for reportable incidents and serve as back-up point person and completed         HCSIS/EIM, followingPA and RHD Incident Policies and Procedures.

9.   In conjunction with the Program Director determine the need for an incident investigator and coordinate             the availability of staff, individuals and paperwork for the investigation.

10. Would provide needed support as a management team member in the absence of the Program Director to       ensure continuity of care /support.


  1. Assist Program Director by partnering to provide clinical and leadership-based training and development to Assistant Directors, Day & Residential Program Managers, Behavior Support Team & Program Specialists and DSP’s.
  2. Assist Program Director by partnering to provide leadership, clinical support and mentoring to the Assistant Directors, Day Service Managers, Behavioral Support Team & Program Specialists
  3. Work in collaboration with Corporate Clinical Manager to provide matrix planning, oversite of behavior supports programming and supervision of Behavior Specialists
  4. Provide ongoing strengths-based clinical supervision as needed to Assistant Directors, Day & Residential Program Managers, Behavioral Support Team & Program Specialists.
  5. Act as clinical liaison between Adesha program and families/SC’s/outside providers/corporate office etc.
  6. Obtain an annual physical with TB test every 2 years
  7. Complete annual compliance training as outlined in 6400/6100 regulations
  8. Effectively manage and follow through on assigned projects.
  9. Complete all other duties as requested by Program Director

Required Experience

  • Program development, goal planning and implementation of the Team planning process
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to function as a member of a team, which works together to ensure a high quality of life of each Participant
  • Ability to achieve outcomes with Participants as determined in their Team Plan
  • Ability to support and implement RHD/Adesha Village values
  • Ability to engage Participants and their Team in an effective, therapeutic and healthy manner.
  • Ability to respect the organization’s and each Participant’s culture while assisting Member’s in the participation of their culture of choice.
  • Ability to provide supervision, leadership and support to address the clinical needs of participants.
  • Ability to enhance clinical quality through a variety of approaches
  • Ability to identify /seek out resources needed to provide alternative therapeutic services as appropriate (interns or consultants) such as art therapy, music therapy etc. 
  • Ability to engage in securing and completing new certifications and trainings in new regulatory demands and innovative clinical methodologies as needed

Required Education

  • Education: A Master’s degree in Science, Psychology, Social Work, Human Services or related field from an accredited college or university and 2 years of experience providing supervision to teams working directly with persons with IDD/Autism.
Or, a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Psychology, Social Work, Human Services or related field from an accredited college and 5 years of experience providing supervision to teams working directly with persons with IDD/ Autism .

Required Qualifications

  • Valid PA driver’s license and personal vehicle.
  • State police /criminal background check clearance
  • FBI clearance and/or Child Abuse Clearance, as required
CPR and First Aid certification

Program Summary

Adesha Village is a program of RHD that provides residential, CPS, and behavior support services to adults living in Chester and Montgomery counties with intellectual disabilites.
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